What Do You Do At Real Estate Open Houses?

Open houses are commonly associated with real estate as a way to open up a home to the public and showcase the property that is for sale. Although it’s a great time for a walk-through, many people are unaware of what to expect at real estate open houses or what goes on during the event.


Explore the Property

Open houses give other people in the community a chance to look at the features and details of the house to get a closer look than when passing by. Only so much can be experienced on the street, but once walking into the home, it easily sparks buyers’ interest who can easily be sold just on the interior of the property.


Ask Questions

Houses are rarely sold without a series of questions asked by the buyer, making an open house the right time for the agent to provide answers without anyone feeling rushed. It makes it easier for the agent to showcase the best features of the property first-hand and form a relationship with potential buyers.

When owners are not present at the open house, it makes it easier for the difficult questions to be asked without visitors feeling hesitant or intimidated.



Open houses are often hard to miss in communities where it’s a time to advertise both locally and on the Internet. Agents often display large signs in different neighborhoods that direct drivers to the property, along with advertisements on several real estate sites.

The open house can also be featured alongside the latest real estate news in the community online or in newspapers, making it easy to attract those in the market for a new home.


Crunch Numbers

For buyers, the offer they are willing to make when they want to invest in real estate is dependent on the condition of the home and any underlying issues that may be present. If appliances are outdated or a roof needs to be replaced, it will factor into the offer made, making it easier to calculate an appropriate offer during an open house.

It can also be a time for the agent to explain the price of the home and what features have been remodeled or upgraded, between light fixtures to granite countertops in bathrooms, to highlight the home’s best features in a positive way.


Create a Cozy Atmosphere

A house is never truly a home through photos of general real estate listings when people search for property online. By welcoming them in to a friendly environment with fresh cookies or treats available, it allows them to view it as a cozy property that has attractive decor and a warm setting instead of just a stranger’s house.

It can be difficult to imagine the potential of any home, but with an open house the agent works to furnish the property in a way that complements its features and makes it feel like home between fresh flowers displayed in the kitchen to decorative towels hanging in the bathrooms.


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