Effective Office Management Techniques

Office management involves undertaking the day-to-day operations of a particular office. The main role of an office manager is to maintain efficiency in an organization. Office management requires proficiency in time management, organization and communication. Flexibility, confidence, loyalty and motivational skills make successful office managers.

Time Management

One of the biggest impediments to effective office management is poor time management skills. Office managers should work efficiently. Time management skills are essential for an office manager. These skills help to reduce stress and enhance productivity.

Office managers should complete all tasks that are more resistant to completion early in the day. The sooner you start with the difficult tasks, the lesser the time you will spend putting them off. Consider creating a schedule for finishing time sensitive tasks first. Check emails later in the day while taking a break from the priority tasks.

Conflict Resolution

Office managers often deal with different people who have varying goals and needs. These differences often lead to conflict. Conflict resolution is an important aspect of office management regardless of whether the conflicts are internal or external.

When learning the skills of office management it helps to be courteous, flexible and respectful. Communicate openly in a helpful and respectful manner. You need to bring all subordinates to work together in a productive manner. Always remain neutral in conflict situations.

Serviced Office

Serviced offices offer companies work spaces and amenities that come in standard office environments. Managing a serviced workspace requires careful planning and organization. To be successful you have to choose a niche for your serviced workspace. This will mean offering amenities that are needed for your specific niche, which can help you save money.

Make sure the building you are leasing is large enough for the number of offices you want to rent out. Be sure to set aside space for a break room, conference room and welcome area. Purchase amenities that are common in most offices such as wireless internet, copy machines, fax machines, desks and phone systems. Market your serviced workspace in niche business publications, blogs and websites.

Stress Management

We all feel stressed when we are unable to deal with changes in our environment. Stress can interfere with our abilities to work and focus on goals. Office managers should keep stress levels in the workplace at a minimum. They should remain positive role models, especially during high stress situations. An effective means of reducing stress involves maintaining an organized work environment. Make sure all employees have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
Being organized goes beyond physical organization, it is also a state of mind. It is easier to accomplish functions when they are planned for. An important aspect of being organized is formulating routines.

Organized work spaces save time and money while helping to reduce stress. Well-organized office spaces allow employees to work smarter not harder. The natural flow of your duties as an office manager runs more smoothly when everything is organized.