How to Calculate Property Purchase Financing for First Time Homeowners

If you are new to buying property, there are several things you need to take note of and several steps you will need to take before you begin your journey.

The first thing you want to do, is check and compare the market prices of homes and other pieces of real estate, that are similar to the property you are looking to invest in. Certain areas on the web can give you a general idea of the market value of the real estate you plan on investing in. This way you will not get burned by spending too much on your new property. Be sure to invest in property you can afford. Use a mortgage calculator, or something similar, that way you do not invest money in a property you will never be able to pay off.

Look into how much you will be paying in closing costs. These upfront costs are one thing that should not be overlooked, and include origination fees that are charged by your lender, taxes, settlement fees, title and other prepaid items such as insurance. Look into what the closing costs for your state are by checking the various cost surveys. How Did Property Developers Become the Best? Find Out.

Looking at your budget, you can help determine how a property can fit into it. You do not want to spend more than 25% to 30% of your income on property costs. A little over is okay, but too much over can be a problem.

This is related to the point above, but calculate what your monthly costs for your property is going to be. Add up everything, it is okay to exaggerate a little because it is better to have money left over than not enough for your property costs. You can use an affordability calculator to help determine what the cost of the property will be if you need help. This includes items such as insurance and property taxes. Keep an eye on the taxes, seeing in certain areas they will double your mortgage payment if you are buying a home, this is especially true if you live in Texas.

You can also call a local insurance agent in the area want to buy your property. They will give you an idea of how much you will be paying. Property tax information can be found in different publishings around the country if you are curious in regards to taxes.

Using the tips above, you should be set to buy the property you want without breaking the bank and avoiding any unnecessary frustrations.

Buying Foreclosed Homes: Top Tips for Making Your Investment Go a Long Way

Foreclosed properties have been far-reaching into the home marketplace, dislocating families, and bringing the property values down. Don’t get caught up in the headlines that read – foreclosed properties are being bought at ultra-low costs. Property agents are receiving buyers from as far away as overseas and some of these curious buyers from around the world are purchasing in volume.

Local Real Estate Professionals, Home Inspectors, and National Housing Officials will offer you advice on purchasing your new property (see new launch property here) and help you budget attentively. A caring real-estate agent will say not to let the price tag that is priced low entice you into a fast bargain.


How to Hire a Home Inspector:

Search for a contractor to do a private examination. A home inspection is usually required by banks when loaning money for a mortgage. All the experts say it is critical to get an evaluation that is up to date. Preceding evaluations are just a snapshot in time, and a home’s state can change drastically when there is no caretaker on these properties. When looking at several properties it’s possible to come across vandalism including previous owners who rip off copper piping, cupboards, and fixtures. Sometimes a review will prevent additional damage and a small investment of $300 to $500 for an inspector should be well worth it in the long run particularly if the inspectors discover the pipes are broken, repairs can be done ahead of time.


Making Repairs to Your Home:

Make sure you ask yourself these questions: Have you got the cash to make the necessary repairs these houses the home will require? Have you got a team? If your plan is to rehabilitation and then lease, can you manage the house if you do not find a renter? There is little danger, if you do your homework and see the house for yourself in person. It is not best you buy the house sight unseen. If you are looking for a purchase in San Antonio and you are in New York City, you will need someone to appraise the house for you in person.


Inspecting Your Property & Neighborhood:

Examine the areas surrounding the house assess it and do your homework. You might be unable to recoup the expense of the repairs if widespread foreclosures or high crime depress the value of the house in the region. It’s also best to analyze the appearance of the neighborhood at all hours of the area, including at nighttime.

The longer the vacancy the more damage there is, generally. If a house has not been “mothballed” carefully, a long list of problems could set in. Also the pipes and seals could dry out and let the bugs get an opportunity to get into the house and the sewer gases could come up from the pipes being backed up. This also holds true for washer drains, the sinks, and the toilets.

Do not turn on the utilities until you find out if the house was winterized. During the colder seasons it is possible for pipes to crack, this could cause water to leak behind the walls and underneath the home. To prevent further mold growing do not turn the water back on. If the house was ignored for a long period of time other problems could have occurred for example untrimmed trees, landscaping, bushes and vines can bring to the deterioration of the house. Nearby trees could send roots down into the base of the home and vines could crawl into the windows that could cause damage unseen by an average walk-through.


Foreclosure infographic


Investing Into the Current Housing Market!

Soon-to-be homeowners aren’t excluded from the foreclosure market. Despite the struggling housing market and economical anxieties, realtors believe this may be a great time to consider finding the dream for your first-time home ownership. Those who find themselves investing into the foreclosure marketplace could come out on top. It is possible to buy a house that’s two-car garage, a fireplace, and two bathrooms for 350 dollars per month, with insurance and taxes. Take these tips with you and you are sure to get a good idea to if the property is a suitable investment for years to come.

3 Most Cost-Effective Types of Office Spaces

When looking at offices, many new entrepreneurs realize they will have to spend a significant part of the budget to find a new place. This is heartbreaking to many who do not have the funds to build their business. Fortunately, a small business owner has solutions when he or she wants to find an office for their new company. Here are the three most cost-effective office spaces options that one must consider.





Virtual office:

With a shared office, one can save money and increase productivity as it offers a range of solutions for a company. In a virtual office space, one will find all the amenities like Internet, phone and a nice work area. At the same time, when using this office type, one will have peace and quiet and plenty of room to move around. Furthermore, one can choose the rental length, so they only have to rent the office space when they need it. This is a serious advantage as most small business owners cannot afford to dole out rent money month after month. When looking for the best solution, one should consider a virtual office as it offers the most cost-effective solution for a person on a budget who still wants a quality place to finish their job.






A lot of new entrepreneurs start their company out of a spare room or garage. This offers a great benefit as the business owner will not have to pay any rent and can ramp up the operations slowly. However, this will present serious problems when the owner starts to hire employees or contractors to complete daily tasks. Furthermore, with a home-based business, one may run into zoning and other government regulations that will cost money and time. However, when starting out, one can consider this option as it is a viable alternative to expensive office space.




Industrial park:

Some people who do not want to impress clients too much rent from an industrial park area. This is a decent option when a business owner does not have customers visiting the site. With this option, a business owner will have easy access to shipping companies, post offices and other B2B services. Sadly, when looking to build a solid and long-term presence that impresses customers, this is not a formidable choice. On the other hand, when looking for an inexpensive and cost-effective solution that works, one should consider renting in an industrial park.





Many, when they want to rent an office space, do not research their options. This is a mistake as a company can save a lot of money and still find a solution that meets the needs of customers and employees. Luckily, the most cost-effective and efficient solution is to rent a virtual office as this option allows the company to use office space as market conditions merit. At the same time, employees and clients will feel comfortable when they see a beautiful office space with all the amenities that one would want in a professional office setting. Search for more office options here.


What Do You Do At Real Estate Open Houses?

Open houses are commonly associated with real estate as a way to open up a home to the public and showcase the property that is for sale. Although it’s a great time for a walk-through, many people are unaware of what to expect at real estate open houses or what goes on during the event.


Explore the Property

Open houses give other people in the community a chance to look at the features and details of the house to get a closer look than when passing by. Only so much can be experienced on the street, but once walking into the home, it easily sparks buyers’ interest who can easily be sold just on the interior of the property.


Ask Questions

Houses are rarely sold without a series of questions asked by the buyer, making an open house the right time for the agent to provide answers without anyone feeling rushed. It makes it easier for the agent to showcase the best features of the property first-hand and form a relationship with potential buyers.

When owners are not present at the open house, it makes it easier for the difficult questions to be asked without visitors feeling hesitant or intimidated.



Open houses are often hard to miss in communities where it’s a time to advertise both locally and on the Internet. Agents often display large signs in different neighborhoods that direct drivers to the property, along with advertisements on several real estate sites.

The open house can also be featured alongside the latest real estate news in the community online or in newspapers, making it easy to attract those in the market for a new home.


Crunch Numbers

For buyers, the offer they are willing to make when they want to invest in real estate is dependent on the condition of the home and any underlying issues that may be present. If appliances are outdated or a roof needs to be replaced, it will factor into the offer made, making it easier to calculate an appropriate offer during an open house.

It can also be a time for the agent to explain the price of the home and what features have been remodeled or upgraded, between light fixtures to granite countertops in bathrooms, to highlight the home’s best features in a positive way.


Create a Cozy Atmosphere

A house is never truly a home through photos of general real estate listings when people search for property online. By welcoming them in to a friendly environment with fresh cookies or treats available, it allows them to view it as a cozy property that has attractive decor and a warm setting instead of just a stranger’s house.

It can be difficult to imagine the potential of any home, but with an open house the agent works to furnish the property in a way that complements its features and makes it feel like home between fresh flowers displayed in the kitchen to decorative towels hanging in the bathrooms.


Visit for more property stories.

Cost Saving Benefits Brought by Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are ideal solutions for new businesses and those businesses trying to keep costs down. With the current economic situation and changing times, businesses have come to realize the many benefits of using a virtual office, where work is not restricted to an actual office premise. With today’s current technology such as VOIP telephony, video conferencing, broadband internet and virtual private networks, any organization can set up and maintain a virtual office network and connect to several branch offices if necessary.

One of the greater advantages of a virtual office is saving money. With a virtual office, the business will save on rent because they will not have to rent office space. The business saves on travel expenses, food and other working related expenses. For those businesses that favor telecommuting, they will find a major advantage in having lower office overhead costs as well as many other typical office expenses.

Servcorp Virtual Office – How does a Virtual Office help your business?

For businesses just starting out that do not have money for office space, an office assistant or other office amenities, they can still project a business professional image by utilizing a virtual office. Money is saved because there is a very little capital outlay. The business can pay for limited services such as call handling or booking meeting and conferences rooms as needed while still having the flexibility of working from home in a virtual office.

The business can have their profile, presentation and infrastructure of an everyday business without the staffing and outlay costs. Having a premium virtual office, such as those offered by Servcorp Malaysia virtual offices, allows the client use a business address and a receptionist service for answering business calls without ever having a physical office (read more Virtual Offices Provider Servcorp Keen to Attract Local Malaysian Entrepreneurs). This helps increase productivity for the company.

Having a virtual office is a cheaper option for a small business wanting an impressive company image. The business will save money, and the employees have a relaxed type of working environment which makes working a rewarding experience.


Malaysia and International Real Estate Apps: A Review

Finding great real estate can be difficult in a market that’s saturated with hundreds of realty offices, websites and other marketing material designed to give you information. Fortunately, you can clear away the clutter by using great apps to help you find a house for rent or buy. While thousands of apps exist on real estate and individual home characteristics, certain apps offer better and more comprehensive features that set them apart from the rest. The following review offers an overview of some of these apps and how they can help you find the home of your dreams.

Real Estate by Zillow/Zillow Real Estate 
The Real Estate by Zillow app, also called Zillow Real Estate on some platforms, enables you to see house prices and market information by pointing your smartphone in the area you’d like to see. For example, if you want to see Malaysia property values, you would simply pull up the app and see a detailed list of common house values in the area. It’s an easy, comprehensive app with many great features to help you find the perfect property.

Real Estate Marketing Can Be Hard; Zillow Can Help!



Real Estate by Trulia 
Equally usable and comprehensive, Trulia offers you a cleaner and more professional view of housing prices and information. Its streamlined design enables you to see more information than Trulia provides. You can tap layers of pages to pull up crime information, average selling rates and other statistical information on the area in which you’re interested. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, this app excels at offering quality features and services.

Trulia Real Estate Android App



Sotheby’s International Realty 
For those looking at luxury Malaysia property or an international house for rent, Sotheby’s International Realty app for Android devices makes it easy to find the information you need. The unique feature about this app is its ability to locate luxury homes and provide virtual tours of those that are listed. You’ll be able to pull up useful images of your dream home without having to tour the house in person. It’s a great resource for getting started on a home search.

App of the Week: Sotheby’s International Realty

Malaysia Property News: Malaysia Property Portal Offers Property Listings and Industry Insights Online

Tips for Purchasing a Real Estate Property

Buying real estate can be an important part of your life. You need to do all of your research so that you don’t wind up losing a ton of money or even losing the chance to buy the real estate that you desire. There are some tips listed below to help you begin in looking for the best property out there.


An apartment for rent comes with restrictions you should be aware of. Some management companies restrict your ability to decorate the wall, change the blinds already installed, or add additional curtains to your windows. Check the leasing office before you rent to make sure your decorating ideas are in line with their rules.

School age children in the family make it even more difficult to find a new place. Find a school district that you are satisfied with, and find an apartment complex or individual home for rent within the boundaries of the district. Try to move during summer because switching schools, especially with high school age children, is much easier during summer break.

Lots of apartment complexes offer garages with your rental. Read your leasing agreement to determine what you can or can not use it for. Most garages are to store your cars and not to use it as your personal storage. Most complexes allow you to have a few boxes in your garage but leaving your car in the outside parking lot because your garage is full of boxes is unacceptable.

For potential real estate buyers, make sure you know what you’re buying! City and town ordinances are rightfully, cracking down on illegal additions to property. Don’t allow a basement apartment or garage conversions sneak past you, as these additions can cause you a headache in the long run. Abide by the law, and make sure the person you’re buying from is, too.

Renting an apartment becomes much easier with decent credit since most apartment managers have access to credit scores. Plus, multiple credit checks will eventually damage your score so only apply to one apartment at a time. Once you have your apartment, pay your rent on time so that it does not become a debt on your credit report.

Buying real estate can be very rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. Regardless, if you know what to do and how to buy real estate smarter, you can get the property you want, try to find out more at So, do yourself a favor by doing your research and applying the above tips to your real estate buying.

Turn Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets are wonderful companions and add a great deal of love and warmth to a home; however, there are times when pets can cause problems and that can bring on wear and tear to our floors and furniture. But, there are things you and I can do to make our homes more pet friendly and still have a home that looks good. When a person puts their property for sale, it is important to make their home look neat and organized and that is when making your home pet friendly is especially important. Property for rent will give a better impression when the inside and outside of the property is well maintained.

When your furniture begins to look faded and worn from pets jumping up on the, try furniture that is made of ultra suede or tweeds or microfiber materials. These materials work well in hiding stains and stand up to wear and tear that come from pets. Putting a house up for sale requires planning and organization; especially when it comes to taking care of your pet. That would also apply to a house for rent.


Another way to keep your home pet friendly is by choosing colors and certain patterns for the inside of your home. These kinds of colors and patterns hide pet hair, stains and the general wear and tear that come from pets. At the same time these choices of colors and patterns make your home look lovely and stylish. When considering a pet bed, make sure that the fabrics you choose are durable and comfortable. In addition, when putting an apartment for sale or putting an apartment for rent, it is important to ensure that your pet area is clean, neat and organized. A condominium that is neat, clean and organized will also give a better impression if your pet area is out of the way and in good shape. In addition, a bungalow will look more inviting if all areas inside and outside are clean and orderly.


To ensure that your precious decorating pieces stay protected and without harm, keep your pictures high on the walls and keep your collectibles inside display furniture or on wall shelving. Be sure to keep your cords placed out of sight and away from your pet tripping over them. When decorating your windows some advise not using drapery or vertical blinds. Pets love to play with anything that dangles. So when wanting to decorate your windows try horizontal blinds. They are less hazardous and look great in windows. In addition, because dogs and cats give off a lot of hair, be sure to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. The cheaper the vacuum, the less effective and the shorter time it will last. Also, some advise not installing wall to wall carpet. Pet stains are so hard to get out. Many suggest buying an area rug, if you miss the feel and warmth of carpeting. Auction property is property that is sought by many and it will sell faster if it is maintained well—inside and outside.


It is also important to note that pet accessories such as leashes and protective clothing should be kept near the entrance to a door. Keeping a towel to wipe off wet or dirty paws also helps. Having a towel handy, makes the process of coming in and going out, smoother and with fewer incidents. To keep your home, apartment or condo neat and clean, make up a certain area for your pet to eat and drink. This area can be made to look nice and neat and your pet will love this because it offers a certain routine to his or her day.

Author: Eugene Wong – a blogger, commercial property investor and entrepreneur. He own a successful business center in Bukit Bintang and offer virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


How to Find a Wood Floor Installer

There are many places to look when you are trying to find a wood floor installer. There are many people out there who are willing to do this service for you, however you don’t just want to hire anyone out there even if their price is lower than most people’s. The reason for this is that it is really easy to mess up a wood floor installation and you want to make sure you have the most qualified individuals installing your wood floor so that it looks great for years to come. You don’t just want anyone installing it for you! In order to find these qualified people, I highly recommend you look through your local Yellow Pages and also on your local Craigslist site. Angie’s List is also a good online resource to use when searching for companies to install your wood floor. I wish you the best of luck in finding someone to do this for you!

Did you know the year 2013 trendy wood flooring texture? Check out the photos shown as below!


Colorful Yellow Wooden Flooring


Printed Hardwood Flooring

How to Ascertain Your Property’s Value

Investing in real estate is a great long-term option. However, most people don’t realize that there are several ways to go about this. One option that is sometimes overlooked is to rent out your property. Whether it’s a house for rent or an apartment for rent, this can be extremely lucrative. Of course, renting a house will be more lucrative, but it will also require more of an investment. If you want to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder, then it’s recommended that you go on the hunt for an apartment for sale, purchase that apartment and then use it as a property for rent. Once you figure out how to rent your property for the best returns, then you can find a house for sale and take the same approach. In most cases, homes for sale will be a significant investment. However, it’s also possible to find an auction property, which can dramatically reduce your cost. Most people don’t bother with auction properties because they’re not familiar with how the system works. That’s unfortunate for them. If they were willing to put in just one day of research, they would have the potential to reduce their cost by tens of thousands of dollars.

After you have found a property for sale and spruced it up so you can rent it out, you have to then determine the property’s value. This might sound difficult, but it’s actually much easier than you think. The first step is to look at other properties in the area. How much do they sell for? Try to find homes, condominiums, bungalows or apartments that are similar to the property you will be renting out. For example, try to find properties with similar square footage, acreage and amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. Overall features are also important. Also consider location. If another property is similar to yours in every regard but it’s on the beach, then the price of that property should be disregarded.

When determining the price of your property, try to compare to homes that are 1-3 blocks away. After doing a little investigating, you should have a good sampling of what your property is worth. From that point, you will be able to upgrade the property a little, which will then give you an opportunity to make more money on renting it out.

A lot of investors tend to go for apartments and homes simply because they’re the most common, but a condominium often offers the best returns. The reason for this is because a condominium is usually looked at as a step up from an apartment, yet the cost isn’t considerably higher. Therefore, while your cost remains low, you have more justification in raising rental prices. If you don’t want to begin with a condominium, you can begin with a bungalow instead, which is often a unique, fun and profitable experience.