Buying Foreclosed Homes: Top Tips for Making Your Investment Go a Long Way

Foreclosed properties have been far-reaching into the home marketplace, dislocating families, and bringing the property values down. Don’t get caught up in the headlines that read – foreclosed properties are being bought at ultra-low costs. Property agents are receiving buyers from as far away as overseas and some of these curious buyers from around the world are purchasing in volume.

Local Real Estate Professionals, Home Inspectors, and National Housing Officials will offer you advice on purchasing your new property (see new launch property here) and help you budget attentively. A caring real-estate agent will say not to let the price tag that is priced low entice you into a fast bargain.


How to Hire a Home Inspector:

Search for a contractor to do a private examination. A home inspection is usually required by banks when loaning money for a mortgage. All the experts say it is critical to get an evaluation that is up to date. Preceding evaluations are just a snapshot in time, and a home’s state can change drastically when there is no caretaker on these properties. When looking at several properties it’s possible to come across vandalism including previous owners who rip off copper piping, cupboards, and fixtures. Sometimes a review will prevent additional damage and a small investment of $300 to $500 for an inspector should be well worth it in the long run particularly if the inspectors discover the pipes are broken, repairs can be done ahead of time.


Making Repairs to Your Home:

Make sure you ask yourself these questions: Have you got the cash to make the necessary repairs these houses the home will require? Have you got a team? If your plan is to rehabilitation and then lease, can you manage the house if you do not find a renter? There is little danger, if you do your homework and see the house for yourself in person. It is not best you buy the house sight unseen. If you are looking for a purchase in San Antonio and you are in New York City, you will need someone to appraise the house for you in person.


Inspecting Your Property & Neighborhood:

Examine the areas surrounding the house assess it and do your homework. You might be unable to recoup the expense of the repairs if widespread foreclosures or high crime depress the value of the house in the region. It’s also best to analyze the appearance of the neighborhood at all hours of the area, including at nighttime.

The longer the vacancy the more damage there is, generally. If a house has not been “mothballed” carefully, a long list of problems could set in. Also the pipes and seals could dry out and let the bugs get an opportunity to get into the house and the sewer gases could come up from the pipes being backed up. This also holds true for washer drains, the sinks, and the toilets.

Do not turn on the utilities until you find out if the house was winterized. During the colder seasons it is possible for pipes to crack, this could cause water to leak behind the walls and underneath the home. To prevent further mold growing do not turn the water back on. If the house was ignored for a long period of time other problems could have occurred for example untrimmed trees, landscaping, bushes and vines can bring to the deterioration of the house. Nearby trees could send roots down into the base of the home and vines could crawl into the windows that could cause damage unseen by an average walk-through.


Foreclosure infographic


Investing Into the Current Housing Market!

Soon-to-be homeowners aren’t excluded from the foreclosure market. Despite the struggling housing market and economical anxieties, realtors believe this may be a great time to consider finding the dream for your first-time home ownership. Those who find themselves investing into the foreclosure marketplace could come out on top. It is possible to buy a house that’s two-car garage, a fireplace, and two bathrooms for 350 dollars per month, with insurance and taxes. Take these tips with you and you are sure to get a good idea to if the property is a suitable investment for years to come.