Bullseye: Tips to Reach Your Target Population For More Sales

sales targetDiscovering how to effectively market to your target audience is one of the most crucial steps you can take as an online entrepreneur. It’s possible that the demographic you are aiming to market your products or services to may not be responding well, or they may not even be aware your company exists. Fortunately, you can use a combination of techniques to connect with your target population.

Consider your Main Demographic

Prioritising where you place your marketing efforts can lead to a more flourishing business, so the main focus of your marketing campaign should be reaching out to your target population in as many ways as possible. Do your research and determine where you can best market to your main demographic. For example, if you know that your products and services would benefit millennials, then spending the majority of your marketing campaign on digital ads and promotions may work well. It is also possible that another target population you are ignoring may need your products and services, so think outside the norm to determine other populations or entities that would be interested.

Appeal to the Eyes

Investing in professional website design can help you create a stylish, suitable site that is inviting and easy for your target population to use. Adding imagery on your website that is representative of the target population that you aim to attract can also magnetize higher sales. In addition, investing in an establishment that looks attractive to your target population is crucial. An office space can provide a concrete location for you and your employees to work comfortably and efficiently, plus a small office can attract more local attention to your online business overall.

Build Brand Awareness

Tailoring your company logo so that it appeals to the eye of your target population is crucial to build an identifiable brand. If your company becomes associated early with a particular logo, it is easier to embed positive messages about your company with consumers. Create snazzy sales presentations to bring light to your company and what it offers.

Use the Power of Language

Changing the language in your ads can help you reach your target population easier with words and terms that capture their attention. For example, if you want to convey to upscale shoppers that your products and services are worthwhile, you may want to avoid the use of words like “best value”, “low-cost”, and “deal” in your ads, but use terms like “state of the art”, “limited edition”, and “exclusive” instead.

Utilise Social Media

Recent consumer studies indicate that many people do not generally befriend corporations and companies online -unless there is a defined benefit for them. By using social media to promote your products and services, you can capture the interest of compatible consumers. Offering exclusive deals to subscribers and followers can sweeten the deal for your target population and get them to pay attention.

Add Musical Harmony

Many business owners forget that music has the power to convince consumers to buy as well. Consider adding a musical baseline to lift your marketing campaign to another level. Creating a catchy jingle can make your target audience more interested in what you have to say, and it helps them recall your company or product later.

The success of business doesn’t just stop at business registration. Online entrepreneurs operate chiefly in cyberspace, so finding multiple ways to reach your target population and market to them highly affects your level of success. If your main marketing methods fail to yield strong results, then don’t be afraid to alter your campaign. If you are struggling to reach your desired consumer audience, harnessing the help of marketing experts can make all of the difference in your online sales.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a House in Singapore

You can choose from many beautiful and spacious houses in Singapore when looking to rent. You do not want to do anything that will create a situation that is stressful and difficult while you are staying at the house. Making some mistakes could affect your tenancy and your enjoyment of the home. You can do several things to avoid the most common mistakes renting a house in Singapore.

Do Not Settle For a Substandard Rental

Something that can prevent a number of problems from the very start is to never settle for a substandard rental home. You need to look and compare properties until you find something that fits your needs and lifestyle. If you are trying to rent a house in Singapore, then use this online room rental comparison site to look at multiple listings quickly. These listings are usually updated on a daily basis. If you start with the right rental house, then you will have a far more enjoyable time living in Singapore.

stains on floors, walls and carpets
Avoid making any damage to the property!


Respect Every Part of the Property

You have to pay a security deposit when you rent a house. If you want to get this security deposit back, then respect every part of the property. Keep the house clean from the very start. Do not do risky things that could cause stains on floors, walls and carpets. Use appliances and fixtures in a reasonable way instead of pushing them to their limits. Take special care to respect the areas outside of the house. Do small maintenance tasks as necessary so that the house does not degrade during your stay.

Follow the Rules
Follow the Rules to avoid landlord removing you from the house!


Follow the Rules in Your Tenancy Agreement

You want to follow all of the rules laid out in your tenancy agreement when renting in Singapore. Do not violate even the smallest rule. If you do, then there is a chance that your landlord will take action to get your removed from the house. Do not allow new people to move in without permission and do not make unauthorised changes to the house such as tearing down a wall. Following the rules established in your tenancy agreement will allow you to enjoy the rental property without any unnecessary worries.

Avoid These Common Rental Property Mistakes

Take Advantage of the Amenities

Some of the homes for rent in Singapore come with amenities on the property or in the immediate community. Do not make the mistake of ignoring these amenities or avoiding them to minimise your presence. You want to take full advantage of all the amenities. Get out and use pools, barbecues or gyms. This is going to greatly improve your experience while renting the home. It will also add some value to your life. You want to make certain to use all of the available amenities because they are usually included in your rent.

The right rental property can improve your life dramatically while staying in Singapore. The house can become a safe haven where you are able to relax, spend time with friends and get away from everything. These tips will help you to avoid many common mistakes and to have the best experience possible in your rental home.

Effective Office Management Techniques

Office management involves undertaking the day-to-day operations of a particular office. The main role of an office manager is to maintain efficiency in an organization. Office management requires proficiency in time management, organization and communication. Flexibility, confidence, loyalty and motivational skills make successful office managers.

Time Management

One of the biggest impediments to effective office management is poor time management skills. Office managers should work efficiently. Time management skills are essential for an office manager. These skills help to reduce stress and enhance productivity.

Office managers should complete all tasks that are more resistant to completion early in the day. The sooner you start with the difficult tasks, the lesser the time you will spend putting them off. Consider creating a schedule for finishing time sensitive tasks first. Check emails later in the day while taking a break from the priority tasks.

Conflict Resolution

Office managers often deal with different people who have varying goals and needs. These differences often lead to conflict. Conflict resolution is an important aspect of office management regardless of whether the conflicts are internal or external.

When learning the skills of office management it helps to be courteous, flexible and respectful. Communicate openly in a helpful and respectful manner. You need to bring all subordinates to work together in a productive manner. Always remain neutral in conflict situations.

Serviced Office

Serviced offices offer companies work spaces and amenities that come in standard office environments. Managing a serviced workspace requires careful planning and organization. To be successful you have to choose a niche for your serviced workspace. This will mean offering amenities that are needed for your specific niche, which can help you save money.

Make sure the building you are leasing is large enough for the number of offices you want to rent out. Be sure to set aside space for a break room, conference room and welcome area. Purchase amenities that are common in most offices such as wireless internet, copy machines, fax machines, desks and phone systems. Market your serviced workspace in niche business publications, blogs and websites.

Stress Management

We all feel stressed when we are unable to deal with changes in our environment. Stress can interfere with our abilities to work and focus on goals. Office managers should keep stress levels in the workplace at a minimum. They should remain positive role models, especially during high stress situations. An effective means of reducing stress involves maintaining an organized work environment. Make sure all employees have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
Being organized goes beyond physical organization, it is also a state of mind. It is easier to accomplish functions when they are planned for. An important aspect of being organized is formulating routines.

Organized work spaces save time and money while helping to reduce stress. Well-organized office spaces allow employees to work smarter not harder. The natural flow of your duties as an office manager runs more smoothly when everything is organized.

4 Tips to Control Chaos at the Office

office-chaosLife in the office can get crazy at times. That’s why you have to know exactly how to manage everyone and everything around you. Check out four tips to control the chaos at your workplace:

1. Set Up Tasks on a Routine Basis

In order to keep the workplace organized, it’s important to enforce routine procedures. These tasks allow the workplace to keep running on schedule. These routines can apply to everything from handling paperwork to holding meetings. For example, when a document is left in the workplace, it should be acted upon and then filed. The document cannot just be left on the desk in a pile of papers. The routines set forth will let everyone on the staff know what needs to be in the case of the unexpected happening. This helps the workplace move along smoothly.

2. Keep Records and Make Sure They’re Updated

While keeping records may sound like a no-brainer, it’s surprising how many workplaces don’t keep track of what’s going on around them. However, it’s not just about marking down data and information. These records also have to be updated and accessible to the staff. The best way to do this is by making updating records part of the workplace routine. For instance, when a new customer starts working with your business, enter the individual into the contacts database immediately. It will only take a moment or two to do. By having this information right on file, you are saving your business so much time in the long run.

3. Declutter the Work Area

To begin, walk around your work space and see if there are any areas that need a clean-up. Are you constantly tripping around boxes on the floor? Do you have to walk a detour just to get to your desk? When you finally sit down at your desk, are you crammed into a tiny space because there’s too many papers laying there? If so, it’s time to become organized. Today, a lot of items in the workplace tend to get crammed together. That means everything from filing cabinets to printer stands. For the best workplace management, arrange your items in a way that will provide maximum efficiency as well as keep everyone in the workplace safe.

4. Delegate and Outsource When Needed

If everything went according to plan, staff members would only have to take on the tasks assigned to them and that’s it. However, that’s not usually the case anymore. Today, a lot of individuals are covering for one another by doing tasks that that others don’t have the skills or time to get done. Due to this, delegating and outsourcing tactics are being used. This truly does improve the workplace’s management and allows staff members to focus on what’s in front of them. Workplaces can even hire assistants remotely to help get a lot of these administrative tasks done on time. With delegating and outsourcing, workplaces can finally find themselves getting more work done than before.

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Why Entrepreneurs Must Have a Responsive Web Site

Responsive web design is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing campaign. Without fully responsive web design, your website will not picked up by the major search engines. You will lose a great deal of visibility and be unable to connect with customers through Google and many of the major social media platforms. Because many of the major directories get their listings from Google, you will also miss out on visibility through these mediums as well.

Your web design s

Although you can create your own website through free templates and do-it-yourself modules, this is usually not the best way to do things. You should be a customer facing, client oriented business without the need for a great deal of back office work when it comes to Internet technology. You should find a good web design partner who can create a website for you without a need for you to oversee the entire process. Here are some of the things that you should look for in your web design partner.

Your web design should be optimized as well as aesthetically pleasing. There is no use in having a great looking website if that website will not be picked up by any of the major search engines.

Optimization means choosing the best keyword phrases to put in your site content. These phrases will be the words that the major search engines will pick up on in order to index your website. You will be able to increase your visibility and streamline your message if you go through the natural process to find the best keyword phrases. This process involves a bit of trial and error as well as use of the free analysis tools that search engines like Google give away.

Your web design

After your website is optimized with content, it must look good as well. Making a website responsive means that you have less space to work with; however, this can actually help your message as well. If you are looking to create a streamlined message, there is no better way to do this than to limit the amount of content that use in order to provide this service. For instance, you will need to understand your best rental package in the eyes of your customer so that you will know the offer to place on your homepage. This requires a bit of research; however, the research will definitely be worth it in the end.

Localization is the final step in creating a responsive website that will work for your company. Because people will be looking for companies that are close to the place in which they touch ground, your local area will be the place in which you will find the most business. Make sure that your keywords have a local component so that you can take advantage of the natural flow of business that is coming through your area.

With all of these things in place, you have the ingredients for a great looking and well performing responsive website. In order to take your design to the next level, you must understand the audience as well.

– The Trend to Mobile Commerce

There is no larger opportunity for car rental companies than in the mobile environment. When people are out and about, they are looking for solutions immediately. Being able to find transportation on demand is one of the convenience services that has not fully engaged itself with this mobile market, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for the right company to build a great deal of market share.
There is more travel going on than ever before. Millennials and other groups of people with expendable income are finding their way into a global economy. The most effective companies will be able to provide service on demand while localizing their keywords so that visibility within a specialized demographic and geographic area is solidified.
Next inspiring story: Datuk Vinod Sekhar , President of Green Rubber Global and Petra Group

Green Rubber Global : Saving Mother Earth, One Tyre At A Time

DeLink by Green Rubber Global is the process of recycling old tires that aims to provide the capacity to devulcanize and revulcanize rubber compounds to produce green rubber.

When Delink is applied to rubber, a chemical reaction converts vulcanized rubber into what is called virgin rubber or green rubber. Thus, the green rubber is used to create new products from vehicle tires to shoe soles.

There are around one billion rubber tyres discarded yearly around the world. The process of reversing rubber vulcanization was not developed until DeLink, which made it impossible to recycle disposed rubber tires.

DeLink technology was developed by Vinod Sekhar’s father, the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar, the first Asian director of the Rubber Institute of Malaysia and the father of Malaysia’s modern rubber industry.

GRG was founded in 1996 by Datuk Vinod Sekhar with the aim to commercialize the technology. DeLink is now used commercially by consumer goods manufacturers, including Timberland and several others.

The Petra Group is a conglomerate that owns international patents including DeLink. Their patents now cover different industries. The privately owned conglomerate provides high-tech solutions to environmental and social problems.

Since the 90s, this propriety technology is used to convert rubber waste whereby the Petra Group has established partnerships with investors to enable it to meet an increasing demand for eco-friendly products.

In 2007, its subsidiary – Green Rubber Global Ltd opened its first US-based recycling plant in New Mexico with the support of the State Government.

In order to create a greener future, Vinod’s enthusiasm and passion in using the DeLink technology is now preserving the environment, and attracting significant investments in the company from overseas investors.

This has resulted in exponential interests from international manufacturers. With DeLink technology, nations can have the ability to implement zero waste in the rubber manufacturing industry.

The simple, cost-effective and environment-friendly process results in substantial savings if green rubber is used as a raw material. According to Vinod Sekhar, green rubber costs half as much as regular rubber but its performance is at par with regular rubber in major applications.

Vinod and the Petra Group’s GRG are now working on their primary goal, which is to save mother earth, one tyre at a time.

The Standard Process of Buying Foreclosed Homes

Real estate has taken a beating recently. One of the few silver linings in this downturn in real estate values is that there are now a lot of foreclosures available on the market. This offers a real chance to get a good deal on property. However, you should know a few guidelines before you set out to buy a foreclosure.

Foreclosures 101

Foreclosures are properties that have been repossessed by the bank due to default or turned over to the bank willingly. Once the property deed is turned back over to the bank, it will then put the property up for sale again in an effort to recoup its investment.


The first thing you should do if you want to buy a foreclosed property is to get pre-approved. You need to get a copy of your credit report and review it for errors. Clean up any errors in your report. Then, take all of your paperwork, including your tax returns for income verification and employment history, to your lender so you can start the pre-approval process. Once you are pre-approved, you are in a much better position to negotiate and be taken seriously.

Get an Agent

The next step is to get an agent. However, you don’t just want any real estate agent. You want one that works specifically with foreclosures. Of course, you have the option to go it alone, and this might not be a bad idea if you were in the market for a traditional property. However, since you are looking at foreclosures, it’s best to enlist the help of an agent. One way to find an agent who deals with foreclosures is to search the real estate listings and sort by foreclosures. They will usually have agent information included. These agents work closely with the banks, and often know of properties that aren’t even listed yet. That is your inside track.

Know the Market

If you already have a home, make sure you study comparable home sales in your area. You’ll want to know the price range and length of time it should take to sell. This will prevent you from pricing too high or too low.

“As Is” Really Means “As Is”

Most of the foreclosure listings will include some language stating the property is sold “as is”. This means exactly what it sounds like. A lot of these homes have been sitting vacant for a while. Some also need repairs. All of this is part of the bargain when buying a foreclosed home. This doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be found. Just know what you are getting into. The listing is generally going to be thousands less than it would’ve been if not in foreclosure. Use some of that money for clean-up and minor repairs and within a couple months, you will have a new launch property (search here!) ready to move into or put back on the market for a profit.

5 Most Popular Cities for Real Estate Investment in Malaysia

There are plenty of wonderful locations in Malaysia that speaks to you – whether you’re looking for an investment or a home, the same “location, location, location” rule applies. We’ve rounded up the five most popular cities for real estate investment in Malaysia to get your money’s worth.

1. Penang

An amalgamation of culture, food, history and modernity, Penang has attracted waves of visitors for decades due to its long-standing history as a famous port and trading island in the early 1900s. Labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it retains its charming historical buildings amidst modern architecture, and its island geography make it a particularly popular spot for vacationers and expats. Properties in Penang has boomed over the years and continues to attract buyers due to its profitable growth.

2. Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur naturally attracts people from all over. It is modern yet full of character, humble yet a melting pot of people from around the world. It has become more popular as the main connecting city for flights across Southeast Asia but has also attracted a good number of expats through business, with many of them residing in the many serviced apartments or condos within the KLCC area. With a healthy economy and rising standard of living, many are flocking to invest here.

3. Ipoh

Formerly a sleepy mining town, Ipoh boasts amazing landscapes and surrounded by hundred-year-old limestone formations. Today, it is a welcome respite from the hectic pace of bigger cities. With friendly locals, great local food and a blossoming town, investors are beginning to show interest in the quiet, peaceful properties found in Ipoh.

  1. Selangor
  2. Johor