Turn Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets are wonderful companions and add a great deal of love and warmth to a home; however, there are times when pets can cause problems and that can bring on wear and tear to our floors and furniture. But, there are things you and I can do to make our homes more pet friendly and still have a home that looks good. When a person puts their property for sale, it is important to make their home look neat and organized and that is when making your home pet friendly is especially important. Property for rent will give a better impression when the inside and outside of the property is well maintained.

When your furniture begins to look faded and worn from pets jumping up on the, try furniture that is made of ultra suede or tweeds or microfiber materials. These materials work well in hiding stains and stand up to wear and tear that come from pets. Putting a house up for sale requires planning and organization; especially when it comes to taking care of your pet. That would also apply to a house for rent.


Another way to keep your home pet friendly is by choosing colors and certain patterns for the inside of your home. These kinds of colors and patterns hide pet hair, stains and the general wear and tear that come from pets. At the same time these choices of colors and patterns make your home look lovely and stylish. When considering a pet bed, make sure that the fabrics you choose are durable and comfortable. In addition, when putting an apartment for sale or putting an apartment for rent, it is important to ensure that your pet area is clean, neat and organized. A condominium that is neat, clean and organized will also give a better impression if your pet area is out of the way and in good shape. In addition, a bungalow will look more inviting if all areas inside and outside are clean and orderly.


To ensure that your precious decorating pieces stay protected and without harm, keep your pictures high on the walls and keep your collectibles inside display furniture or on wall shelving. Be sure to keep your cords placed out of sight and away from your pet tripping over them. When decorating your windows some advise not using drapery or vertical blinds. Pets love to play with anything that dangles. So when wanting to decorate your windows try horizontal blinds. They are less hazardous and look great in windows. In addition, because dogs and cats give off a lot of hair, be sure to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. The cheaper the vacuum, the less effective and the shorter time it will last. Also, some advise not installing wall to wall carpet. Pet stains are so hard to get out. Many suggest buying an area rug, if you miss the feel and warmth of carpeting. Auction property is property that is sought by many and it will sell faster if it is maintained well—inside and outside.


It is also important to note that pet accessories such as leashes and protective clothing should be kept near the entrance to a door. Keeping a towel to wipe off wet or dirty paws also helps. Having a towel handy, makes the process of coming in and going out, smoother and with fewer incidents. To keep your home, apartment or condo neat and clean, make up a certain area for your pet to eat and drink. This area can be made to look nice and neat and your pet will love this because it offers a certain routine to his or her day.

Author: Eugene Wong – a blogger, commercial property investor and entrepreneur. He own a successful business center in Bukit Bintang and offer virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.