Low Cost Homes for Penangites

The Penang State Government has created a web site for the online registration of homes, and includes good information on Citizen Housing Project (PPR), low cost and medium low cost homes, with application status checks.

There are still a number of such affordable homes in Penang, given that the governmetn has set the regulation for developers to build the homes near to their intended expensive homes projects, and also the effort of Penang Development Corporation (PDC). The criteria of selection is based on a computerised system, with marking system taking into consideration some factors including the place of birth, marital status, dependents, the period of time for application, how long the applicant stayed in Penang, ex-military, the current residential status, the reason of losing a residence, occupation and rejection.

Priority is given to those with at least 5 dependents, and special considerations for those with disabled spouses, single parent or widows of ex-military servicemen.

Applications for the Citizen Housing Project should adhere to several rules and regulations, and applicants must be Malaysian citizens staying in Penang. The combined income should be lesser than RM1,500 per month, with the single earning spouse’s monthly income of no more than RM750.00. They should not have owned a home before too, and if they did, it will disqualify them even though they may have sold the house. Usually these homes are rented, rather than sold, with rentals as low as RM100 a month. Applicants are subject to an interview when all paperwork reviews had been qualified. Only upon the success of the interview that the applicant can really be able to rent a designated unit specified by the government under this scheme.

For low cost homes, the combined household income should be no more than RM2,500 and no more than RM3,500 for those opting the medium low cost homes. Again, the couple should not have owned a home before, and they will be disqualified even if they sold their previous home.

The user friendly portal also offers information on the current active projects that the applicants may apply. Projects are categorised by location, and includes both Penang island and Province Wellesley. The homes are usually below RM80,000, and may only go as high as RM75,000 for medium low cost homes.

At present, there is a total of 50 projects listed on the government website.